Hi, I'm Kait! The woman behind the wheel of this rad local flower truck. I consider myself to be a very simple person, I need very little in life to be completely and utterly happy. Similar to a flower - give me sunlight, warmth, some water, and a good environment, and watch me grow. 


I've always been drawn to nature, anything that could grow from one form to another - from a seed to a flower - leaves me in complete awe. So when I stumbled upon the idea of a flower truck, a mobile shop that brings happiness in the way of flowers to the people of my community, I just had to bring that idea to life! 


With the help of my partner, Mike, we brought this beauty of a truck up from Georgia, purchased all of the trimmings to transform her from a rad VW pickup truck to a rad VW flower truck and the rest is history. 


Catch us cruising around town to build your own beautiful bouquet or reach out to us for personal deliveries or private events. I want to spread this happiness as far and as wide as I can, I'd love for you to be a part of it. 

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